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Approximately 70% of ALL Breast Cancer and 30% of ALL Cancers are associated with excess fat (Source: CDC).
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Thank you for supporting the movement to replace the BMI with the BFI. As the Health Ambassador for StayHealthy, I am committed to extinguishing the BMI and equaling the playing field as it pertains to connecting the dots between best health practices and weight.
It's NO SECRET That The BMI Is Flawed
The New York Times says, "BMI Does Not Tell The Whole Truth (August 10, 2010)

Medical News Today: 'Stop using BMI as measure of health,' say researchers

VOGUE says, "BMI Is More Useful for Fat-Shaming Than Calculating Health, Study Finds (February 8, 2016)

US News says, "Weight Your Health: Where BMI Falls Short" (June 3, 2015)

Michigan State University says, "BMI Not Accurate Indicator Of Body Fat" (March 7, 2007)

The Endocrine Society says, "BMI Overestimates Fatness In African-Americans" (June 22, 2009)

Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania says, "BMI not accurate enough: Obesity/mortality paradox demonstrates urgent need for more refined metabolic measures (August 22, 2013)

University of California says, "Don't use BMI to determine whether people are healthy" (February 6, 2016)

Independent says, "Crucially, BMI doesn't distinguish between fat and muscle and studies have found it unreliable." (August 18, 2017)

TIME says, "Why BMI Isn’t The Best Measure for Weight (or Health)" (August 26, 2013)
Did You know that the bMI (body mass index) is not to be trusted?
Did you know that the BMI may classify you as healthy, even though you have excess fat?
The gentleman on the left is considered healthy according to the BMI and the man on the right is classified as obese. According to the BFI, both men have excess fat. The gentleman on the left has TOFI (Thin on the Outside, and Fat on the Inside).
One study (reported in the International Journal of Obesity) showed that 54 million Americans are misclassified as overweight and obese according to the BMI, but are actually in perfect health according to cardiometabolic measures. And, 21 million people with a BMI that puts them in the normal category have excess fat, which puts them at high risk for various diseases.

The BMI that was created in the 1830s and given its current name in 1972. The BMI was never meant to determine whether or not a person is overweight, over-fat, healthy or obese. However, it is constantly acknowledged as the determining factor for health status. It is an injustice and we as citizens must take hold of our health. It is time for change and StayHealthy is going to make available a solution called the BFI!

In another study (reported by the National Institute of Health), it was made clear that the BMI has misclassified the relationship between weight and health. In this study, approximately 36%-43% of the people in this group of nearly 1,000 fell into the category of obese based on BMI, but according to DXA scan (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry), 80 percent of these same people were indeed obese.

Join the movement and let's end misclassified body shaming and unsubstantiated classification of individual health.
The BFI is the first true innovation in body fat since the development of BMI in the 1830’s. The BFI is based on extensive clinical trials and studies. The BFI is 98% accurate in comparison to the DXA scan (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry). By signing the petition, you’ll be among the first to be notified of the BFI app release!
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